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Pickleball is a simple-to-learn paddle sport combining the best elements of ping pong and tennis and is the perfect team building activity. Our coaches will make sure everyone enjoys themselves – regardless of age, experience, or fitness level. Most importantly -- Its Fun!

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Try the Fastest Growing
Sport in America!

Bo and Corey Sacks

Certified Pickleball Instructor and Coach

Bo is a pickleball enthusiast and has a passion for coaching. He is a certified instructor and plays or coaches everyday. His true love of the game lies in teaching people. He loves working with players of all abilities and relishes the opportunity to help them reach their full potential.


Corey, Bo’s son, is also a pickleball enthusiast who represents the growing trend of young people playing and loving the game.  During the pandemic Corey identified a gap in the team building marketplace and knew there would be a need to help organizations find innovative and new ways to bring their teams back together in a safe and fun environment.  


Corey and Bo have built the foundation for our team building events and guarantee you will learn a little pickleball and have a whole lot of fun.

Pickleball high five

Team Building with Pickleball

Build, Bond and Dink Responsibly!

During the pandemic companies had employees furloughed or working remote, and managers are now looking for new and innovative ways to encourage team-building. If you're looking for a unique experience for your organization, look no further!

Events will be held at indoor or outdoor courts depending on the time of year and we can accommodate groups of all sizes. 

Clinics for Groups or Individuals


What Our Clients Say

"Bo has taken me from a kill at all costs player to a more calm and precise player!"

"He has a plan for my next steps of growth and he voraciously encourages the areas where I am excelling!"

"He communicates with clarity, he is an ardent studier of the game, and he shares his tricks!"

"To be an excellent teacher is one thing but to bring such joy and excitement to every lesson is a rare gift!"

"My love for pickleball has grown because of my time with Bo Sacks!  "

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